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Did you know that, every year, us Aussies only use 3 out of our 4 weeks holiday? Expedia reports that it is the cost of holidays, the difficulty in coordinating with family and friends and the desire to save that week for later that stops Australian employees from taking that valuable time off. However, new research confirms that going on holiday not only makes you feel good while you are away but that health benefits last for months after the holiday.

Through our blog, our collection and sharing of authentic local stories and our social media channels, Project This Is Australia promises to inspire you to get up, walk through your front door and explore the great outdoors. Even if it is for a short stroll on the beach, a walk in the park or a few hours on a stand up paddle board. It will get your endorphins going, give you energy and… simply make you happy.



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In May 2014, Warrick & Fabienne Wintle are packing up their 2 daughters, the LandCruiser and their caravan set off on an adventure of a lifetime around Terra Australis. Their objective? To collect and share stories, images and videos of the extraordinary destinations that make our country such an amazing place.

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